Agreement to the Terms and Conditions

Order of the Center for the spread of infectious disease

Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) 8/2063

Regarding guidelines for compliance with requirements in accordance with provisions of 9 Of the King Determination of Hiring in the Kucheni Institute of B.E. 2548 7th edition

1. Anyone requesting to enter the Kingdom of Thailand Has signed that cooperation with the government during the detention and must allow tracking system or install applications as required by the government. To monitor or monitor symptoms during quarantine

2. To be quarantined and must comply with the order of the communicable disease control officer at the place designated by the communicable disease control officer within a period of not less than 14 days. According to the rules and guidelines set by the government


1. All users must use the Service. According to the terms specified in the terms and conditions Users will not be able to use the service. Unless The user agrees to accept the terms and conditions. Such acceptance is valid and irrevocable.

2. User information will be located on location. For the safety of health monitoring Users can call an ambulance and locate them through the app when abnormal illnesses occur.

3. The user's vital signs that are connected to COSTE-supported medical devices can be sent to the central system. To immediately track the health of the use And the system can notify the user's health abnormality based on the information sent to the center only

4. The user using the service is considered that the user agrees to accept the terms and conditions. Such acceptance is valid and irrevocable.

5. If there are terms and conditions Additional for the service Users must comply with the terms and conditions. Add that as well as these terms and conditions

6. The company can send user health data. To government officials or hospitals upon request It focuses mainly on the benefits of health and life saving.

7. Amendments to the terms and conditions the company may amend the terms and conditions or additional terms and conditions. More when the government deems it necessary Without prior notice to the user Amendments will become effective upon posting of the revised Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions. Additionally, modified in the appropriate place within the website that the company As an operator That the user continues to use the service It is deemed that the user has accepted that is valid and irrevocable to the modified terms and conditions or the terms and conditions. Edited additions Users should check the terms and conditions. Regularly during using the Service As there may not be a separate notification about amendments to such terms and conditions.


1. When users provide information about themselves to the government User must provide true information. Correct and complete while using the service And update such information to be updated all the time

2. If the user registers a password while using the service Users are expected to exercise reasonable care and responsibility in order not to use the password in an unlawful manner. It is an activity that the owner of the password performs on their own

3. The government reserves the right to delete any account that has not been activated for a year or more since the last activation of the account. Without any prior notice to the user.

4. The user's right to use the service shall terminate upon the user's account deletion for any reason, the account cannot be recovered even if the User has accidentally deleted his or her account. The user is also aware of this.

Protection of Personal Information

1. The government puts the privacy of the company's users first.

2. The government promises to protect the privacy and personal information of the company's users in accordance with the "Privacy Policy".

3. The company promises to use the utmost care and attention to the security measures of the company. To ensure the security of any information of all users.

Provision of the Service

1. The user is responsible for providing the computer. Mobile phone accessories Communication equipment Operating systems and data connections required for the use of the Service By the user at his own expense

2. The Company reserves the right to restrict access to the Service. All or part Depending on the conditions that the company Deems necessary, such as age, identification, current membership status and the like.

3. The company reserves the right to change or discontinue the service. In whole or in part at the discretion of the company. At any time without any prior notice to the user.